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Humanitarian Aid

ADRA´s Humanitarian projects

ADRA provides immediate help to people that are affected by a natural disaster or a war. Our goal is to prevent further loss of life and reestablish living conditions to people. ADRA has been working with people in the affected areas on a long-term basis through large-scale projects to help victims get back on their feet.

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Our projects in 2019:

Ethiopia - A life-saving intervention for drought-affected communities in the Somali region

In the year 2019 ADRA is focusing mainly on activities that are designed to improve the access of people and vulnerable households to safe drinking water and prevent diseases. 

Lebanon - Access to water sources for Syrian refugees and Lebanese community in the valley Biká

Our goal is that both refugees and host communities have access to a safe source of drinking water. This means that we will build a water tank in one village to provide enough drinking water for all residents, Syrians in refugee camps and local Lebanese.

Syria - Repair schools and sanitation for returning families in Damascus province

In rural part of Damascus, ADRA is working with UNHCR on restoring 27 damaged classrooms for approximately 675 children. We’re also focusing on repairing schools for children with visual impairment in Damascus and providing special teaching aids. We repair and restore damaged sewerage systems, which will help approximately 1,800 families with appropriate disposal of wastewater.

Myanmar/Burma - Promoting the education and self-sufficiency of vulnerable communities

The purpose of the project is to improve an access to education for Burmese children and living conditions of local people who were deprived of livelihoods as a consequence of damaged irrigation channels and transport infrastructure. We will also focus on increasing the resilience of the population to natural disasters through the establishment of an emergency plan.

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