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Thank you for donating/fundraising to our cause! We at inspire Indonesian kids to live sustainably and in harmony with nature through eco-education. Since 2014 we have initiated more than 100 Eco-Education Centers around Indonesia. Your support enables us to extend the number of Eco-Education Centers and provide more Green Incentives such as eco-bags, water filters and environmental books. We appreciate your help being part of this change!

we started on 2018-01-25

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Thank you for great job you all do. People in need will appreciate it most.

Katerina Jiskrova


Leoš Sekanina


Is it possible to donate only the 114 / JATIMULYO, DEMAK, CENTRAL JAVA and to get a confirmation. Would be nice to hear about the development.

Thank you for your answer.

Best regards

Flavia Dobozi-Sgier

Green for indo!💚

Michal Straka



Enjoy your trip!

Matthew Carballo

Happy to support you with this very worthy cause

James Atkinson

Enjoy :-)

Petr Pan

Donation from people who came to my talk about Bali.
I had an amazing year living in Indonesia, all these lovely people who donated spent a nice evening therefore we wanted to give something back. Hope this little donation will make Indonesian children happier and their environment greener and cleaner.

Sabina Zetkova

Vsetko najkrajsie ti prajem:), krasna vec!

Peter Minarik