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Became a regular donor of Roma Scholarhip programme

Became a regular donor of Roma Scholarship programme in the Czech Republic. We support good Roma students from poor families in their studies.

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For already over five years ROMEA has been supporting successful Romani secondary school and now also university students who could not afford to study without our financial support.

During these five years the Danish foundation Velux Foundations has been the Scholarship Program´s main donor but their funding is coming an end.

However, this doesn´t mean that our program will end too! As ROMEA is one of the first Roma NGOs which set off on the path of the online individual sponsoring, we have been able to continue to support the Roma students and help them fulfil their dreams. And without you, the individual donors, it would hardly be possible!

Except the Czech foundations Albatros, Psaní pomáhá and Sova, no other Czech foundations are funding our scholarship program. Right now we would like to focus on long-term and regular support by individual donors who will ideally contribute to our program on a monthly basis, even if with a small amount. This will help us seek funding from more sources and ensure that the support of the students is continuous and consistent. If we manage to get 500 individual donors with the monthly contribution of 250 CZK, we will secure funding of the third of the program.

Every year 150 students are applying for the scholarship. This year 200 of Roma students applied studying at secondary schools, universities and colleges.

A commission comprising of university educated members evaluates the scholarship applications choosing the students who then receive the scholarship. The students have to submit a complex application including a motivational essay.

Your support is helping to balance out the starting conditions of the Roma students and are helping the students to be successful.

The aim of the scholarship program of ROMEA is to build a Roma middle class. Investment in the education is the best possible way for the Roma to get out of poverty, live without prejudice and stereotypes about Roma which our students together with the Roma minority face every day. Believe it or not, also Roma children have their dreams. And we can, together with you, help them to fulfil them.

Thank you for your regular monthly support! It will make a difference!

You can learn more about the project at the website:


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Držím palce :)

Eva Čivrná

Vzdělání pomohlo mě, holce z chudé rodiny, vybudovat si budoucnost. Ostatní si zaslouží totéž.

Andrea Sousedíková
CZK 500

Držím palce :)
Máte na to!


moje kamarádka dnes slaví narozeniny, tohle si přála a já ráda přání splnila :)

T. S.

Vzdělání je cesta

Tomáš Nejdl

Vzdělání je klíčem k lepší budoucnosti.

Stanislav Kočvara

Hodne zdaru na vasi ceste.

Lumir Krejci

Vzdělání je cesta. Proto jsem jako studentka chtěla podpořit něco, v co pevně věřím. Díky!

Karolína Kopková
CZK 3,000

Raději na romská stipendia, než si nechat vládní úplatek.

CZK 5,000