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Do you remember how you loved animals as children? How scared you were that something might happen to them? And you dreamt of looking into their eyes, because that’s when everything was all right? But then you grew up and were told that it was not possible? Return to your childhood, don’t just dream it - make it happen. Build a little paradise for these animals with us. A place where everyone is happy and taken care of - animals and humans alike. Let’s create a place where animals don’t have to be scared anymore and where humans learn to see them as a child would.

we started on 2017-08-12

Animals need your monthly gifts

They will ensure that this oasis of peace and love will provide a home for as many animals as possible - hens, pigs, sheep, goats, cows, cats and dogs and not only them.
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There are currently more than 70 animals living on the sanctuary.

Karel is a senior "minipig", who has been with us for the past three years.

Kvído is a rescued pig from a large farm. He was a prize in raffle.

Our sheep and goat herd snacking on hay.

Other residents of the asylum.

The association was founded in the summer of 2016. After two years of managing the "Life without cruelty" Facebook page, we finally discovered a suitable real estate. We were now able to create the imagined asylum for farm animals. And that's how the "Life without Cruelty on a Farm" - Asylum (not only) for farm animals started. 
Located in the picturesque village of Třebihošť, under the Krkonoše mountains near Dvůr Králové nad Labem. The asylum or farm is our home, just as it is a home to the animals that take refuge with us. Oftentimes fate hasn't been very kind to these animals. Some of them had been abused, some were in the danger of being put down, or just simply did not have any adequate home. 
In addition to the asylum, we plan to raise awareness and facilitate contact with animals for the general public. We oppose all forms of oppression.


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