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Tým odvahy (Team of Courage)

The Team of courage has been helping by sports activities since 2014. We combine the brave running challenges of our supporters with helping children with serious illnesses. Are you planning to take on a sporting challenge this year and want to invite your friends to support you and contribute to a good cause at the same time? Or you would like to support our courageous athletes and donate any amount to Spolu s odvahou Foundation (part of the Bátor Tábor family)!

we started on 2015-03-09

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The mission of the Spolu s odvahou Foundation (part of Bátor Tábor family) is to serve seriously ill children and their families. We meet them in hospitals, we help them return to life through therapy camps, and we hold their hands when they are returning to school. The aim of our programs is to alleviate the mental burden associated with a serious illness.
All our programs are free and are designed to develop the skills needed to succeed in life.

Spolu s odvahou Foundation (in Hungary and Poland: Bátor Tábor Foundation) operates in four countries and is the only camp of its kind in Central Europe. Bátor Tábor is also part of the international organization Serious Fun Children’s Network - a worldwide association of camps for seriously ill children, founded in 1988 by the actor Paul Newman.

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Davide, držím palce.

Karolína Hrubošová
CZK 200

Hlavně se nezapomeň vrátit, víš že máš stavět barák :-DDDD!!!

Jiří Sukup
CZK 500

Drzim moc pesti! V zavode i ve sbirce ;-)

Martina Francová
CZK 500

Davčo,snaž se,držím pěsti🙂

Hana Sedlářová
CZK 1,000


Lubomír Hulín
CZK 440

Za An.ywhere :)

Aneta Neulingerová
CZK 750

Jen tak dál!

Jiří Kubáň
CZK 300

Hodně zdaru!

Jiří Pochylý
CZK 500

Pravou Lubo 😊😊😊😊

Nikola Oprchalová
CZK 300

Babička a Děda drží palce!!

Ludmila Janíčková
CZK 1,000