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Multi-functional house - the second building of the secondary school in Zambia

In summer, we built the first building of the secondary school – the workshop. 10 local volunteers were helping us. So they learned how to make bricks and how to build walls. The next building we will build in summer 2024 will be a multifunctional house. During the construction period of the entire secondary school, the house will provide accommodation for volunteers / construction workers. At the same time, it will serve as a model family house for all local people.

Multifunctional house

The second building of the secondary school in Kashitu (Zambia), thanks to which local volunteers will be able to build entire houses.
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By building a multifunctional house, Kashitu volunteers will learn to build entire buildings, including the roof. This will enable them to build entire family houses. Thanks to this, they will have more orders. In this way, they should also bring profit to the local NRCS community, which will participate in financing the construction of the high school within its possibilities.

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The design of the house will be created by volunteers - builders from the Implementation Team. It will reflect the way how local people live.  On the picture, you can see one of possible versions. 

Construction budget
We have calculated the budget at 1,200,000 CZK so far. 

School project plan, info about our brick makers and innovative bricks here.
Why secondary school in Kashit + brief information about secondary school

How did we build the first building in summer - the workshop? 

In the construction participated: 

  • 10 local volunteers for 3 months
  • 3 volunteering people from a local NNO NRCS - for 3.5 months
  • 18 Czech volunteers for a period from 10 days to 3.5 months
  • 10 Czech volunteers in the Czech Republic - logistical, fundraising and PR support for 3.5 months 
Only during the construction alone, we all volunteered more than 11,380 hours, which is like 5.5 full-time working loads for the whole year. There are currently 30 volunteers in the Czech Republic participating in the Kashitu Secondary School project without the require to a fee.

Digging foundations (all by hand)

Concreting the base plate (all by hand)

Formwork and concreting of columns

Finally making bricks on special brick machines that arrived two months later

Visit of the Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs

We are bricklaying!

Truss placement (all by hand, no cranes)

Just completed! - with volunteers and some members of the local NNO New Renato

Ceremonial opening of the workshop on 27/09/2023 in the presence of the Czech ambassador to Zambia Pavel Procházka and local political representatives

More info:

  • How did we bild step by step 
  • Press release “Young volunteers built the first building of the secondary school in  Kashitu. Doing so, they tested innovative construction technology designed for local conditions.” 
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Facebook on the secondary school: https://www.facebook.com/stavimeskoluvzambii  

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