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Education and Research Socially Disadvantaged Groups

I want to spark inner fires!*

Discover is a czecho-slovak non-profit organisation. For 12 year already, we have been organizing programme for high schoolers. Our aim is to foster love of learning in your people, and support them so they can grow to benefit themselves and society. Discover summer academy is one week which high schoolers and our volunteers spend learning from each other. In 2023, we organised 5 sessions, of which one was an international session held in English and open to students from all over the world. Our values are love of learning, respect for diversity, and civic engagement.

we started on 2023-11-28
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*inner fire: what remains with you after your week at Discover summer academy.

At Discover, we believe that every student regardless their financial situation should be given the chance to become a part of community, which shares love for education.  We are trying to keep the expenses as low as possible. As organizers, we are preparing Discover with any clam for a reward. Despite that, the price is still higher than most other summer camps. We are already granting 10% of our students. Increasing the fees would be a barrier for a great number of students.

Your money will go towards student scholarship and teaching equipment for our volunteers.

Your donation of 160 euros will allow us to grant a scholarship to one underprivileged student.

Your donation of 290 euros will cover all costs of one student’s participation in Discover.

All student fees are lower than actual cost per student. The difference is covered by donations. 
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