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Watsu® for Help

Watsu® for Help is the publicly announced donation project to provide Watsu® aquatic bodywork therapies for children and adults with mobility disorders and caring family members through individual rehabilitation sessions, group workshops and training blocks.

we started on 2020-08-07

Watsu® for Help

The Watsu® Helps project is focused on improving the quality of life of people with motion sickness and their families, especially through the provision of individual aquatherapy. Your contribution will be used for individual therapy for a specific disabled client or caregiver. You can support us with any amount to our transparent account 1122339939/5500 or simply by paying online online:

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Watsu® is a rehabilitation method performed in warm water of 34°C. Targeted movements relax muscles, joints and tendons, thereby effectively relieving pain. Staying in warm water in connection with Watsu® has a positive effect on the body apparatus and also on the psyche.

We provide individual rehabilitation lessons for people with physical disabilities and family members who care for them. We organize educational and experiential workshops focused on specific health limitations. We teach family members the basics of the Watsu® method so that they can use its powerful effects whenever they find themselves in warm water. At the same time, thanks to stay in the water, they can deepen their mutual relationship, relieve psychological and physical tension, which will ultimately provide families with a new form of psychosocial care and rehabilitation. Given that caring for a physically or otherwise disabled person is financially very demanding and this type of activity is not supported by the health or social system in our country, we have established a public collection with the name of this project WATSU® HELPS.

Your contribution will enable the implementation of the above-mentioned activities, which will help many families to improve the quality of life and care.

Here are the words of one client who, thanks to Watsu® Helps, can regularly experience Watsu®... "I live with Cerebral Palsy. For me, Watsu means relaxation, relaxation at the level of body and mind, it is a flowing energy that liberates. Water takes away everything bad and negative, the sheer joy of movement remains, which I am otherwise unable to do due to muscle spasms. Watsu works as a catalyst for emotions and thoughts. I am learning to stop and be here and now. With each subsequent therapy, I feel that my body "remembers" more and more of properly guided movement, and that's what makes Watsu unique for me. I thank the Watsu for health association for the opportunity to do something extra for my health, and I also thank Šárka for being my guide in the world of water, who helps."

Thank you very much for helping us!
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