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"Baldies" is a series for children. For children going through cancer treatment, their families and people around. They already have a tough start in life. Our series aims to make it easier for them. And for their parents, too. Thirteen episodes answer the questions that trouble them and explain what to expect during treatment to defeat that insidious monster that has taken root in their bodies. We're not doing it just like that. But using the most special hybrid technique. We combine real footage with animation. Our guides are two curious souls - animated characters Toby and Ema, who are bravely fighting the disease themselves.

we started on 2024-01-10

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Character development and design:
We are working on the design of each character in the series. Eliška and the artists are working on each character in detail from different angles and positions to make them ready for animation in any situation. We pay special attention to the depiction of emotions, and how the character looks in response to them, what facial expressions they have and how they communicate through body language.

Animation tests:

From a technological point of view, we try to create a unique animation style where we combine 3D models with real environments. The animators model the characters in 3D space but with great new tools, they then stylize them to look like they were painted in 2D to get closer to Eliska's art style.

Script and storyboard development:

When writing scripts, we focus on telling the story in a way that makes the complex subject of illness and treatment understandable to a child viewer. We invent metaphors, working with children's imagination and playfulness. At the same time, we do not forget about professional accuracy - see:

Expert consultation:

We consult with medical experts on every information and communication topic. We discuss the general content, the scope of the information and especially the way it is conveyed to the audience with a psychologist and an oncologist. More detailed information is then consulted with experts such as a nutritionist or physiotherapist.

The Department of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and Motol University Hospital is a great help.

Mobile app development: 
In addition to the series, an important part of the project is a mobile app that will help young patients with the treatment process. In cooperation with top developers from Mangoweb, we are now working on its design. We are working on its features, design and content. This involves the need to prepare the necessary documents for the app in collaboration with experts and also to work on linking the app with the series

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