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Become an animal angel for homeless cat

😿 Abandoned cats have no one, and they belong to no one but themselves. They don't have any humans to pet them, to cuddle them (maybe they don't even want that because they've never experienced the warm human touch). They don't have a warm bed where they can curl up to sleep comfortably without having to be scared all the time. They don't have a place to rest when they are in pain (they only have polystyrene hutches that protect them from the worst frosts, but it's not a down comforter after all 😿).


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🍀 The only thing these abandoned cats have is certainty. The certainty that every day their feeder will come to them and bring them a clean bowl 🥣, that will be filled with cat kibbles, another bowl with either wet food or meat and the last one with fresh water that is so hard to find in the rough life outside.
The assurance that even if it is raining 🌧, snowing 🌨, or the wheelbarrows are falling 💥, the feeder will show up and fill the bowl 🥩. To make the stray cat's life at least a little more bearable.

🙏 Please HELP our feeders provide these cats with not only FULL DISHES 🥩 but also quality VETERINARY CARE 🩺 if needed.
Become our hero, rescuer, supporter - simply our ANIMAL ANGEL OF CATS WITHOUT HOMES 😻 and donate to these cats regularly, every month .

The project ANIMAL ANGEL of cats withnout homes will ensure that our kitties will have a full bowl every day and thanks to that they will not be wandering the streets but will remain on the safe spot where food will always be ready for them.
Thank you all in advance for your interest and any help ❤️. These cats will be grateful for everything 🙏.

Our organization currently cares for approximately 200 homeless cats.
   * In Prague, we feed in the following locations: Olšany, Řepy, Žižkov, Vinohrady, Apolinář, Bohnice, Jarov, Malá Strana, Praha 9 a 10 .
   * In the Central Bohemia Region we feed in Opočnice and Bečváry.

Only thanks to your help 🙏 can our activity be sustainable so that we can help as much as possible ❤️.
Please help fill their bowl 🙏.
Support this project even more and ask your friends to help Create campaign

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Jana Muhlmannova
CZK 500

Jani, z celého srdce Vám děkujeme ♥.

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Pro kočky v porodnici Apolinář

Ivana Kafková

Ivanko, moc Vám děkujeme za kočičky Apolinářky ♥

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Díky za Vaši práci 🙏

Eva Čivrná

Evi, moc Vám děkujeme ♥

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I malá pomoc, pokud pomůže více lidí, bude nakonec veliká! ❤️

Renata Mihaliková
CZK 100

Moc děkujeme, Renatko ♥

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