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Nestlé employees help National Park České Švýcarsko hit by severe fire

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On Sunday, July 24, a fire broke out in the České Švýcarsko National Park, which gradually engulfed 1,000 hectares of unique nature. Czech Republic has never experienced a fire on such a scale. Firefighters do incredible work and risk their lives to protect people's homes. Unfortunately, forests, animals, unique habitats cannot be preserved in such a complicated and difficult terrain. We can help with their restoration with our contributions.

On Sunday, July 24, National Park České Švýcarsko caught fire. Forests and people's homes are burning. The National Park České Švýcarsko is unique. It is one of the four national parks in the Czech Republic, we admire its unique sandstone formations and the unique biotope associated with them. Firefighters from all over the Czech Republic and abroad have been trying hard to control the fire near the famous Pravčická Gate for several days.

Let's help together. Our products are already powering the firefighters who are fighting the biggest battle. Now let's help restore not only the tourist infrastructure, which is the livelihood of the locals and will help them with the repair of destroyed villages, but also the restoration of the habitats of rare species and natural locations.

Nestlé traditionally increases the contributions of its employees in collections by 1:1, i.e. for every crown donated by an employee, Nestlé will contribute another crown.

The partner of this challenge is the Partnership Foundation, with which Nestlé has been cooperating for many years. 

The Foundation ensures that the selected funds get to where they belong.

Join us and help restore this wonderful corner of our nature.


Nadace Partnerství
Devastating wildfire is ravaging unique natural site on the Czech-German border. Help us restore Bohemian Switzerland to its former beauty. Donate now. It´s a burning matter.
Bohemian Switzerland, a national park with many endemic species and unique geology, is burning. Extensive wildfire forced evacuation of dozens of people from surrounding villages and animals – many endangered species included – had to flee their natural habitat. Several houses were swept by flames and over a 1000 ha of forest turned to dust.

Help us with the restoration of the National Park – though small in size, rich in a natural heritage.

Partnership Foundation will send all donations straight to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. We have been working together for over a decade. Our pedestrian and cyclist counters have helped to start the sustainable development of tourism in the region. You can also visit the Elbe Cycle Road which is managed by the Partnership. Scenic road will take you through the lowest point of the Czech Republic in Hřensko – area currently the most endangered by the wildfire. 

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