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In reaction to the shocking news about a disastrous tornado that has hit South Moravia, Avastians show solidarity with the victims, initiating an employee donation drive that will be supported by the Avast Foundation. 
Immediate reaction to the devastating tornado in South Moravia aims to help hundreds of people affected by the natural disaster. Join Avastians and donate to help those in need!  
All money collected will be used to help families in the devastated area. The Avast Foundation will match the donation.
Nadace Via
South Moravia was hit by a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions. The Via Foundation has therefore launched a fundraising campaign that will help the affected villages, people, and communities to cope with the tragedy. We are distributing your donations to tackle the fallout of the catastrophic storm that left several villages completely destroyed. Thank you for your generosity.
The money raised will go directly to the affected villages.

Proceeds from the collection go to help South Moravian municipalities ravaged by a tornado (in particular, but not only, to the municipalities of Hrušky, Moravská Nová Ves, Lužice, Mikulčice, Hodonín Pánov). We are regularly updating information on the use of the donated funds. The funds will be distributed in several steps:
  • We have immediately released 25 million crowns for acute assistance. We have already sent 5 million crowns to each of the five most affected municipalities. These funds are used for the most urgent needs such as the removal of rubble or the purchase of building material.
  • Direct assistance to the affected people. We have been coordinating this direct assistance with other non-governmental organizations, such as ADRA, Diakonie and People in Need, who have been mapping the situation and needs of the locals on the spot as they have vast experience in providing humanitarian and psychosocial assistance. The result of this mapping is a database of households, which will immediately receive a contribution of CZK 150,000 for repairs to damaged houses and the provision of basic needs. Several hundreds of people have already received this contribution
  • After the first wave of support in the amount of CZK 150,000 per household, the operating organizations will carry out a deeper field survey, whose aim is: to examine the cost of repairs/brand new construction; to find out whether households were insured, the amount of their savings, social situation and other factors. On the basis of this survey, funds will be increased in multiples, if necessary, so that people can get back on their feet.
  • In the coming months, we plan to support initiatives and projects that will help get the region back on its feet and bring life back to the affected communities. We cooperate with The Community Foundation of South Moravia, which is based directly in Moravská Nová Ves, one of the most affected municipalities, on distributing the proceeds of the collection.
  • A smaller part of the proceeds will also go to the Louny region, where funds are collected in cooperation with The Ústí Community Foundation.
Thank you for your extraordinary generosity.

After the fundraising collection is finished, we will send to each of you, our generous donors, a donation certificate and information about how your contributions have been used.


Thinking today of all those impacted by this devastating disaster, and wishing for a speedy and complete recovery. Thank you to Avast, the Avast community, and the Avast Foundation for providing this way to help.

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