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Stressfree in Crisis

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Djali Solutions is fundraising as part of its 3 step charity project Krize v Pohode (Stressfree in Crisis) to help Czech communities sustain their local businesses affected by Covid such as hairdressers, manicurists, cafes and gyms.
In step 1 Djali Solutions has introduced a Free Destressing Programme to help the affected.

In step 2 we invite you to help through fundraising. We shall choose 10 businesses in need, who engage most in destressing and using this time well/or are most community needed to receive these funds.

In step 3 we will use assistance of local unaffected entrepreneurs to help through offering their services such as photoshoots and marketing and financial education to help the business build/update while in down time or organise an event to fundraise.

More info here in Czech

Thank you so much for your support!
Aneta & Djali from Djali Solutions

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The Fast Grants program is intended for active citizens who take a stand on issues such as mismanagement in local government, wasteful use of public resources, land use plan manipulations for personal gain etc.
The Fast Grants program is an effective tool for people who want to protect their favorite public spaces. This program is designed for people who want to respond quickly to dire situations in their communities, such as planned demolition of a valuable building, and unfair practices such as non-transparent decisions by public authorities and arbitrary land use planning changes.

Your donation support local active people who want to protect their favorite public spaces.
Thank you!

Last year we awarded 35 Fast Grants to civic initiatives and NGOs, disbursing a total of CZK 750,000 ($29,700). Fast Grants can be used for planning and organizing information campaigns about current issues, for commissioning independent studies, consulting and advisory services, petitions and local referendums, legal services and disputes, etc. Fast Grants run up to CZK 30,000 ($1,200).

The Fast Grants program has an application deadline once a month and the process has been simplified in order to provide money quickly to groups addressing pressing issues.

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