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Thank you for helping with us! Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, People in Need has provided more than 900 million crowns in aid to the victims of the war. We have sent several humanitarian trains and more than 30 trucks with food, hygiene items or mattresses and bottled water, even to the destroyed Buca, Irpin or Cherson, which were left by Russian troops. Our teams were the first to enter the area. Where we are not physically, we financially support local non-profit organizations. We are preparing for the winter and repairing family houses or schools, but also water systems. We help in the east and west of Ukraine, but also in the Czech Republic. We operate in collective centers for refugees, we teach Czech to children from Ukraine, we run a helpline for Ukrainian refugees. We therefore call on all those who are also indifferent to Ukraine's development and want to help to contribute. We will use the funds to provide aid to victims of armed conflict, people on the run, and to protect vulnerable families and individuals.

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In August 2014, we started helping people in the middle of the fighting in Ukraine and therefore announced the SOS Ukraine collection. The protracted armed conflict in the east of the country was causing a long-lasting humanitarian crisis, we were over a long period helping 200,000 people in particular in Donetsk and Luhansk - financial assistance for the purchase of basic necessities, hygiene packages or food packages with flour, oil, salt and sugar. Repairing damaged houses and sources of drinking water. We also offer psychosocial assistance. We are currently focusing on humanitarian aid to the victims of the conflict. 

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V srdcích i myšlenkách jsme s Ukrajinou

Stanislav Klát
CZK 500

Západ musí být jednotný, rychlý a rozhodný, i za cenu vlastního uskromnění! Chování Ruska je nepřijatelné!

Zdeněk Karas
CZK 10,000

„Mír, Láska, Empatie…“

Veronika Richterová
CZK 200

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Radek Diviš
CZK 1,500

Slava Ukrainy

Jan Bary Glas
CZK 5,000

Sláva Ukrajině! Mír a blaho této zemi...


Už mnoho let děláte skvělou práci! Jsem na vás hrdý!

Marek Janáč


Tereza Jašíčková
CZK 1,000

Sláva Ukrajině

Tomas Belohradsky

Ukrajina je svobodný a nezávislý stát!

Jindřich Novák
CZK 1,000