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We search for the ways how not to waste food. _________________________________________________________________ The initiative was founded in 2013. Since then we’ve organized a series of happenings; we travel to the fields to glean; and we fight for using so-called crooked vegetables and fruit - the food that does not make it to the costumers as it is not “pretty” enough.

we started on 2015-04-30

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We are changing the system: Thanks to the people who support us, we are able to create so much pressure that we are changing Czech laws and decrees about waste for the better. For example, you can now find crooked vegetables and fruit in shops (they used to be ploughed up or thrown away) and company canteens manage unsold food better.

There are many of us and there will be more, we teach how to do it: we believe that change starts from the floor. That's why we focus on public education and awareness. We've held dozens of workshops, lectures and training sessions that shed light on the problem of food waste and offer practical tips on how to minimize it. We have published our own cookbook and are creating Rescue Recipes. In addition, we have worked with dozens of companies to motivate and educate them in an effort to minimize food waste in their operations.

Saving tons of food with our own hands: Our team of passionate volunteers and rescuers are active on multiple fronts. We regularly visited fields to collect "crooked vegetables and fruits" that would otherwise end up as waste. We are now focusing on the Save Lunch project, which links corporate canteens with charities. We make sure that the leftover portions of food end up with people in need instead of in the trash and spread this great project wherever we can, ideally to all corners of the Czech Republic!

Why does this matter to us?

Because food waste is a source of wasted energy, wasted water and excessive use of fertilisers and human labour. Moreover, greenhouse gases produced by wasted food account for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We are concerned about this problem and are actively trying to address it. 

Join our regular donors. Any regular donation will enable us to find innovative ways to prevent food waste and live in a world where everyone treats food with respect and love and does not waste.
Everyone can be a food rescuer! Your interest and regular support will enable us to find and promote innovative solutions to use food efficiently and reduce waste. 
Together we can make a difference and ensure that food is used to its full potential. Join the food savers now. 
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