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Humanitarian Aid Earthquake

Aid to people affected by the earthquake in Syria

A devastating earthquake affected large areas of Türkiye and Syria in February 2023. It claimed thousands of lives, tore down countless buildings and left local communities without electricity or access to drinking water. ADRA has provided basic needs in both countries from the first moments, and in the long term we will focus on helping people affected by the earthquake in Syria, where ADRA has been active since 2013. Make a financial donation and support the affected people. Thank you for helping us.


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ADRA provided shelter and basic necessities to people who lost their homes in the earthquake in the 1st phase of assistance. Thanks to its long-term presence in Syria, ADRA continues the activities and will support hundreds of thousands of people during the year, including in the earthquake-stricken Latakia.

👉🏽 In TÜRKIYE the network of ADRA offices provided over 235,000 USD in aid. Through 14 organizations there, we provided basic needs for more than 9,000 people. We supported the distribution of food, hygiene items, winter clothing, cleaning products and tents that provide people with temporary shelter.

👉🏽 We have already provided aid to more than 20,000 people in SYRIA.

We distributed 14,000 meals and 2,600 food packages in the Latakia region.
We delivered hygiene packages and cleaning products to 7 collective centers in the region. In the Aleppo region, we have distributed over 3,000 food packages to more than 8,500 people in 13 collective centers and are significantly involved in the distribution of hygiene supplies.

We are working on restoring the water supply network in 2 regions. We provide solar systems and necessary modifications to collective centers.

“I am very thankful for you being here to help us and check on us! Our house is partially damaged and could fall any second,” says a beneficiary of ADRA’s food distribution in Latakia.

Help is coordinated by our colleagues from ADRA Syria, who provide us with up-to-date information from the site. They operate in the field, identify needs, arrange temporary shelters in schools, sports centers and mosques and distribute material humanitarian aid.

Due to the ongoing civil war, ADRA is one of the few international humanitarian organizations that has been working directly in Syria since 2013. ADRA has its regional office in Damascus and other offices in the regions directly affected by the earthquake (Latakia, Aleppo, Hama ), where it provides long-term humanitarian aid.

In 2023, ADRA Czech Republic continues its activities and helps in the areas most affected by the armed conflict, including the earthquake-stricken Latakia. In total, we will help 325,500 people and focus on the availability of water and education, improving hygiene conditions and providing psychosocial support.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Thank you for helping people in need with us!


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