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Help us crush the Russian propaganda machine

We launched a safe base from which to counter Russian propaganda. Apart from a number of non-public activities (e.g. briefings for politicians, experts, government officials and other decision-makers) we publish an analytical newsletter, the Ukraine Watch Briefing aimed at the general public. You can subscribe to this newsletter here.

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At the end of February, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. But this is only the most recent tactic in a much longer, drawn-out information war against the former Soviet country and the whole of Europe. While the next few weeks are unpredictable, it’s clear that the information war is far from over.

Ukrainian experts have been facing Russian aggression on the front line for years, and they need our help now more than ever!

We are currently building a secure base for Ukrainian experts to set up a strong defence against Russian propaganda. 

We need your financial support to relocate Ukrainian top experts to Prague, find a safe work environment and work conditions to allow them to continue their defense against Russian attacks in the information space.

European Values Center for Security Policy have been monitoring Russia’s malign influence activities for six years. Mr. David Stulík, one of our experts and a former EU diplomat in Kyiv, has in-depth knowledge of the Ukrainian counter Russian disinformation movement and he knows all the top Ukrainian experts in the field personally.

Please donate what you can. The war with Russia will be long and now is the time to build a strong defense in Prague.

Thank you!

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Dear donors,
thank you very much for your financial donation to support our Help us crush the Russian propaganda machine project. 

Thanks to your support we were able to help Ukrainian security experts in a difficult life situation. We were able to provide them with a safe base in the Czech Republic and with tools to fight against the aggressive Russian regime while their men are fighting for freedom and democratic values right in their homeland. 
We have ensured that information from Ukrainian experts about the consequences of Russia's hostile behaviour towards Ukraine regularly reaches Czech and foreign decision-makers, journalists and the public. This was done through public and non-public activities, including advocacy trips to neighbouring countries and Brussels to discuss urgent needs and developments in Ukraine with other experts and government officials. 
We have constantly and tirelessly highlighted the progress and consequences of the war in Ukraine, helping to counter Russia's hostile disinformation. We published regular newsletters in cooperation with Ukrainian experts. We produced a comprehensive analysis of War in Ukraine: Lessons Learned, which aims to show practical lessons from Ukraine that can be used by other democracies facing external existential threats.

Today, 15 months after the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we regret to bring this project to a close. The European Values Centre for Security Policy has presented a new direction and will primarily focus on a sustainable Czech strategy towards Taiwan and China in a European context, from both the Prague and Taipei offices of the organisation. The People's Republic of China is, next to the Russian Federation, the most dangerous enemy of liberal democracies and there will be a strategic discussion in the European and transatlantic context on how to deal with the upcoming conflict in the coming years. This is where the European Values Centre for Security Policy sees its main role and added value for the future.  More information on the new strategy can be found on our website
The current security situation shows that the democratic world is under threat, but also that it is determined to fight together for freedom and democratic values. We consider it important to persevere in our fight for freedom, liberal democracy and sovereignty, and we greatly appreciate your concern.  Thank you!

In the past period, we have expanded the base of Ukrainian experts in our Information Defense Hub, who have issued additional public and non-public briefings, given interviews to media and participated in events thematically focused on supporting and reconstructing Ukraine. Expert on Ukrainian civil society and sustainability, Khrystyna Rybachok, spoke at the panel at the Forum 2000 conference on "International Reconstruction Package for Ukraine - An Integral Part of the EU Pre-Accession Assistance". The panel focused on the risks and perils of this post-war reconstruction in Ukraine and how assistance should be delivered. Panelists stressed the need to provide supplies for upcoming winter and cover the budget deficit. In addition, they said, there is a need to support local civil society organizations. Khrystyna Rybachok called for talks on the architecture of the reconstruction of the country and the division of labour between different actors - the EU, the Ukrainian government, and non-EU donors, like the US. More clarity and coordination of reconstruction would help avoid similar mistakes known from reconstruction in other countries.

We are coming with a new Podcast edition in cooperation with Ukrainian experts: Ukraine Watch Edition.

Sonya is a prominent Ukrainian journalist. She graduated from the Institute of Journalism at the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, and she has been teaching there for the past five years.She obtained Ph.D. in social communications from the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University in Ukraine and was a postgraduate student at Universita Degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata in Italy.

Sonya worked as a political commentator in the Ukrainian newspaper “Den” and the news portal Obozrevatel.Since 2009, she has been editor-in-chief and founder of the news portal Livyi Bereh (LB.ua). Sonya is also the author and presenter of the TV show on Ukrainian channels, author of YouTube project “Kishkina” and the author of the book “Maydan. An Untold Story” and a prize-winner of the All-Ukrainian Prize “Woman of the III millennium”.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, she operates from Prague, where she collaborates with Radio Ukraine (“An hour with Sonya Koshkina” program), Charles University (Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Journalism), and the European Values Center for Security Policy. Sonya speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian.

In the second episode of the European Values Podcast, analyst David Stulík spoke with Maria Kovač, Ukrainian government expert on European integration and analyst at the Information Defense Hub. The topics of the interview included Ukraine’s possible EU candidate status, European solidarity and unity, and important reforms that should take place in Ukraine.

Listen to our Podcast here:

Ukraine Watch Briefing

The Ukraine Watch Briefing is a bi-weekly newsletter summarizing the latest developments in Ukraine, currently defending its territory against Russian aggression. The Ukraine Watch Briefing covers several key areas of the conflict. The goal is to provide the readers with a comprehensive overview of the consequences of the Russian hostile acts against Ukraine.    

Ukraine has been a subject of Russian hybrid warfare for many years. On February 24, 2022, Russia started a full-scaled kinetic war against Ukraine with these declared goals: regime change, de-militarization and occupation of major parts of Ukraine territory, and de-facto liquidation of Ukraine statehood. These initial Russian plans failed, and the conflict became a war of attrition.

Ukraine is in dire need of Western (not only) support and aid in many areas (military, economic, political and humanitarian) to withstand the Russian pressure. The authors of the Ukraine Watch Briefing – our team of Ukrainian experts from the Information Defence Hub are monitoring the topics crucial for a better understanding of the Ukrainian situation and its specific needs. They also provide assessments of the practical impact of Western support to Ukraine. Another key area covered by the Ukrainian Watch Briefing is the Ukrainian integration process. 

If you are interested in receiving the newsletter, please subscribe HERE.

Information Defense Hub for Ukrainian experts launched in Prague

The  Information Defense Hub has launched its activities with the first Ukrainian experts, among them Sonya Koshkina, Editor-in-Chief of a Ukrainian news portal Leviy Bereh. Sonya explains, “we are grateful to our Czech colleagues for showing interest in our experience and for helping us to share our know-how and knowledge with Czech and other European colleagues”. A number of other experts will be part of the Hub’s team, but due to their personal safety, the identity of only some of them will be published.

The Hub will produce bi-weekly analytical briefs (newsletters) in English and Czech that will explain the latest developments in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian reaction and possibilities of cooperation between European states and Ukraine. 
You can subscribe HERE to the public newsletter Ukraine Watch Briefing, which we work on together with our Ukrainian experts bi-weekly.

“Together with our Ukrainian friends, we are facing the same enemy. Russian aggression is not just about Ukraine but about the whole of Europe. Our goal is to obtain the most accurate information from within Russia and Ukraine, which our Ukrainian experts can do very well thanks to their knowledge and contacts. The war with Russia can last a long time, which is why we want to have a team of specialists in Prague and in the future within Ukraine, thanks to which the actions of the Czech Republic and European structures can be as informed as possible,” explains Jakub Janda, the European Values Center Director.

You can read the full press release HERE

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