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Support the education of women in IT!

Help us write more life stories. More stories about women's successful entry into the world of information technology. Support the life changes that will move the Czech Republic forward.

Yes! I want to support women in IT today!

With my gift, I will help write more life-changing stories that will move the Czech Republic forward.

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Let's change the future of Czech IT together! 

IT is a promising environment lacking people for a long time. More people in tech would mean more people with well-priced jobs, more competitive companies, and greater resilience to crises.

We, the non-profit organization Czechitas, introduce women to the world of tech. We motivate and educate them. We help them find their dream job in a promising field with a future. We connect them with partner companies that welcome diversity in their work teams. And in doing so, we are moving and shaping the future of the Czech Republic for the better.
Be a part of this vital change. With your contribution, women can get a new job, improve their current ones or start new projects. Thanks to you, our activities will remain accessible, and we will make it easier to provide education to those who cannot afford it. 

Help us write more life stories. Support the life changes that will move the Czech Republic forward. Thank you! 

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Více žen do IT 💜

Jana Majorská
CZK 500


Kolorky s.r.o. Cz05591619 Jana Marie Chladova
CZK 3,000

Děkuji za hezké chvíle strávené ve Vašem stánku 1. večer na Colours of Ostrava 2023.

Kateřina Zapletalová
CZK 200

Matej Benko
CZK 200

bez vzkazu

Miroslava Filipová
CZK 500

Děkuji za to, že měníte ženám možnosti uplatnění :)



CZK 15,000

Really neat group. Keep up the great work!

Emma Gerson Rosenthal

Czechitas 2022

CZK 500

Czechitas 2022

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