Pomáháme lidem na útěku, z.s.

Humanitarian Aid

Support Refugees with Fluff Fest 2021

As the Fluff Fest organizers do not consider the situation related to the COVID pandemic as favourable and safe for organizing an international festival, this year's edition has been cancelled. As last year, the organizers have decided to support organisations helping refugees on the Balkan route and have again joined forces with the Czech association “Pomáháme lidem na útěku” (We Help People on the Run). You can send the money you would have spent on your entrance ticket to help people for whom the improving COVID situation does not mean resuming normal life.

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Fluff Fest is an independent, multi-genre festival with hc/punk roots, which links music with political activism. As the Fluff Fest organizers do not consider the situation related to the COVID pandemic as favourable and safe for organizing an international festival and maintaining its welcoming atmosphere, this year's edition has been cancelled. Like last year, instead of organizing the festival, they will be supporting grass-roots organisations and independent volunteers helping refugees in the Balkans and Greece. Instead of a ticket for the festival, you can donate the money, which will be used to support the following organisations:

Kompas 071 
is a local non-profit organization from Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, running a community centre for people on the move (PoM) residing or transiting the Canton Sarajevo area. The centre opened at the end of November 2020, offering showers, laundry service, NFI, food, and legal aid, and has assisted more than 7000 people in the last 6 months. As organizations and individuals, we stand for values and principles of equality, social justice, freedom, anti-fascism, anti-racism, and solidarity across nations and all borders. The money from the campaign will be used to purchase the most necessary items (NFI) needed in this period of constant move before the next winter - shoes, backpacks, power banks, underwear, and travel food packages.

is a non-profit organisation, which has long been active on Lesbos and focuses on supporting refugees’ self-realisation and education. They offer them media workshops, teach them to work with the media, and provide space for them to tell their stories in their own voice. ReFocus supports their students, whose chances for proper education and employment have been ruined by war, persecution and long-term stay in refugee camps, in gaining the experience, skills and confidence necessary to pursue their future careers.
Given the ongoing critical situation in the refugee camps on Lesbos, ReFocus also provides “the students” and their families with the critically needed humanitarian aid.
The money obtained from the campaign will be used for financing the centre operation and its current projects, including buying technical equipment, licences and internet connection.


The campaign is co-organized by Czech Refugee Help (Pomáháme lidem na útěku), a Czech organisation that has been bringing together volunteers helping on the Balkan route since 2015, organizing financial and material support and co-financing other projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Greece based on similar values.

The organisations involved are small, volunteer, grass-roots led and financed activities that rely on the work of unpaid volunteers on location and donations from individuals. They do not rely on huge European grants. The money raised will be used to directly help refugees in the field with no operating or administrative costs.

Depending on the situation at the time and how much is raised, further organisations working on the same principles may also get involved.
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