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With your contribution, you enable the continued operation of SVĚTOVA 1 – we will be able to continue holding exhibitions, organizing events and serving as a meeting place. You support our program and everyone behind it. Thanks!

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What is SVĚTOVA 1?

We are nonprofit artist-run space in Prague, a platform for the art examining emerging, queer, and social matters. We are artists, producers, graphic artists. We're Zai, David, Viktor, Halima, Emil, Lizi, Anežka, Terka, Kačka and all others who help us, visit us or exhibit at our space. Our mission is achieving full expression, maintaining sustainable processes, and acting as a refuge for those in need. We artistically reflect the current world, whilst also co-creating a new one. With voluntary admission, we guarantee that the program we've provided to you for more than 5 years now is 100% accessible and open.
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Why support us?
Grants are far far away from covering everything, and so we continuously find ourselves in rather burning situations, scrambling to find ways to finance our already planned program for the given year. We no longer hope for anything different than just symbolic wages, after all those years of experience working in the Czech cultural sector. All we want is to financially manage our space and programme. We are experimenting with a number of alternative financial channels, but as a non-profit with our focus and goal, it is not very possible to generate income.

Let us convince ourselves that a young, independent culture can live from the community, from mutual help, from the support of the collective. We want to know that you are with us. We're not doing this just for ourselves, but especially for you – visitors, friends, fans, everyone who feels the importance of our project. Thank you for all the support so far.
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