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Mezipatra Queer Film Festival

Mezipatra expands the space for perceptive viewers to discover the diversity of gender and sexual identities. Mezipatra relies on volunteer work of most of the team and struggles with the annual price increase of services and films. Join us and help us prepare the very best program every year.

we started on 2020-11-20

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Please help Mezipatra go through "recovery" after a tough year and help us prepare another great edition in full swing.

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The year 2020 was tough on the festival, just like on us all. However, in just a few weeks, we managed to transfer the festival online in all its glory and our audiences weren't robbed of a single film! Come help us make the next edition even more meaningful and filled with rainbows.
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Jan Grestenberger
CZK 100

Díky i za letošní ročník!! Robert

Robert Trnka
CZK 500

drzim palce

CZK 300

Budu vás i pořád lajkovat :)

Hana Neckář Vyšovan
CZK 500

Letos jsem festival minul a neadoptoval film, tak posílám dar alespoň se zpožděním. Díky za Vaši práci!

CZK 3,500

Držíme palce a děkujeme! Lenka a Theo

Lenka Žižková
CZK 1,000