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Same as for the first wave of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic, for the second wave we again decided to cook free lunch, this time for the pulmonary department at Prague's Motol University Hospital. We love top gastronomy and through it we want to thank all the medical staff which we admire for their excellent work in hospitals. Starting November 2nd we'll cook 160 delicious lunches, which we will provide for free to the medical staff of the Motol Hospital.

we started on 2020-10-23

Thank you for joining us to help the people on the front lines.


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We cook the lunch for free, and we pay all the costs ourselves.

We would like to offer you an opportunity to help us with the food ingredients costs, which equal 100 CZK - ca 3.7 EUR per serving.  All your donations will be used for food ingredients cost only. If the total donations we collect are higher than the ingredients costs for all the lunch we cook, we will wire the outstanding amount directly to the hospital.

Thank you very much for your help!

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Did you already have a chance to read interview with Radek Kašpárek for Visitchef

It has been three weeks since we have been cooking for doctors from the Motol University Hospital. Today we reached 2,720 lunches in total! Yesterday we cooked beef broth and a „Spanish bird“ with rice and today doctors can look forward to leek cream and fried camembert with homemade tartare sauce. We are always looking forward to their photos.

We would like to thank Sahm Gastro for providing us with lunch boxes. Today, we cooked bean soup and roasted pork with dumplings.

On Thursday, a reporter and a photographer from MF DNES joined us in Field to make a story for their magazine.

Every day we receive some nice photos from doctors and medical staff and we really love them. 🙂 So, we hope they will like the lunch we've prepared for them - borscht with homemade buns and fried cauliflower with potatoes.

Thanks to your support we were able to cook 1 120 lunches for doctors and medical staff last week! This week we've started with goulash a Pho bo soup. Enjoy your meal.

We cook for doctors even on weekends. If you would like to see more watch the TV show "Call Nova" and their interview with Radek Kašpárek.

On Wednesday, we prepared cauliflower cream with truffles and croutons, lasagna Bolognese and fresh salad for doctors and medical staff from Motol University Hospital.

We really appreciate an excellent work of medical staff and we want to thank them through a great gastronomy. Today, we've served a potato soup and venison ragout with herb specks. "Thank you" together with a photo that we received from nurses working in Covid surgery department made our day. 🙂

Today, we've started lunch delivery to the Motol University Hospital. In total 160 doctors and medical staff enjoyed beef bouillon with liver balls and sirloin in cream sauce with dumplings. 
Thank you for helping together with us! 🖤

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Dekuji za Vasi snahu.

Judita Hrabcakova
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Jan Tima

Bless everyone who helps during these difficult time. 🙏

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Držte se, jste báječní...

Šárka Waldmannová
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Držte se!

David Šustr
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I think what you are doing is so fantastic! I would love to think when all this is over, I'll be back in Prague having a meal at your restaurant! God bless u all :)

Carolyn Teo

diky za vase nasazeni

Vaclav Dejcmar
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Držte se!

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Donation from Taiwan:)

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Pri vycerpavajici praci musi dobre chutnat, dobrou chut! :)

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