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Exercise on a chair / Break up grandma

Exercise on chairs for your grandmother or grandfather in the comfort of their home. If only sitting in front of the screen If you suffer from senile dementia If there is a risk of "lager" Exactly for these cases, the exercise on a chair is intended. Due to inactivity, these seniors sink deeper and deeper, and they and their surroundings get the feeling that they can do nothing. ERROR! Know that they can! However, even this state can be either abruptly delayed or completely reversed. Even seniors, whose view was only their bed, today, thanks to exercises, walk around the apartment completely independently and outside with sticks.

we started on 2020-06-24

For everyone who wants to be fit!

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What does a classic exercise lesson consist of? The exercise focuses on the complete health of your senior. The trainer is always based on the current state of her grandmother or grandfather. Initially, the lessons can be really mild and over time they can add - it's always individual. Exercises of joint mobility Stiff joints bother almost every senior. Without movement, the mobility of the joints deteriorates rapidly, until even minimal movement becomes very painful for the senior. Muscle mass Muscle mass naturally decreases with age and therefore it is necessary to take care of muscles. Even in old age, muscles can be maintained and their strength improved. We will always not only strengthen the muscles, but also stretch them properly. Breathing exercises Working with the breath is a very important part of exercise. Shortness of breath bothers a large number of seniors and restricts their movement. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to breathing exercises and perform them in good combination with other types of exercises. Relaxation Relaxation is an important part of exercise. It has a positive effect on the overall effect of exercise and the mental health of the senior.

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