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Gift certificates to help dogs in need

Old, ill, handicapped, unwanted, hurt in body and soul – those are the types of dogs we take care of in Handipet Rescue. Gift certificates are a way for you to lend them a helping hand as well and help them cover the basic expenses such as food, vaccination or neutering.

You can find the certificates at SHOP.PETHEROES.CZ

This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
Is your friends' birthday coming up? Do you want to make them smile? Or maybe just make yourself happy? Give a chance at life to animals in need! That way, you can bring joy twice. ❤️

We've prepared several different gift certificates for you, through which you can help dogs in need. You can print it or send it to your close ones by e-mail, what suits you best. ❤️

Just send a contribution of a given amount and your certificate will be sent to your e-mail box in .JPG and .PDF format within two working days. 💕

Handipet Rescue is a refuge for dogs and cats who are in need of help. We're giving a chance to anyone, even in those cases where others would just give up a long time ago. We believe that every life matters and every animal deserves a chance. Even if it's hard, we keep on fighting as much as we can as long as there's any hope left. 💪 

We're not state-subsidized at all, meaning we can operate only because of good people as you are. We can care about the animals kindly, give them good food and quality veterinary care, but we would never be able to pay for all of it if it wasn't for you. Thank you for helping with us! ❤️
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Dávám veliký respekt všem co se rozhodli pomáhat kočičkám a pejskům v nouzi! To jsou pro mě ti pravý hrdinové !! RESPEKT❤️

Tomáš Baránek
CZK 100

Přeji hodně štěstí při hledání nového domova

Nad´a Nováková
CZK 700

CZK 200

Držíme všem palečky, aby se měli lépe

McDonald's Plzeň Olympia
CZK 1,000


Nicola Sucharová
CZK 350

Ať pejskům chutná. :-)

Lucie Vacková
CZK 700

Díky za vaši činnost. Pejskové, uzdravujte se 🙏.

Pavla Červená
CZK 700

Pro statečná zvířátka 🥰

Ivušák Kuky
CZK 200

Děkujeme moc za to co děláte!!

Rodina Rybářovi
CZK 700

At se všem zviratkum, daří dobře :-)

Věra Kosíková
CZK 200