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Help Sick Dogs and Cats at Handipet Rescue

Cats and dogs need you. They fight for their lives every day. Their bodies and souls are hurt. They are handicapped, abused, injured, sick, abandoned. They cannot help themselves. Thanks to your help, they get a chance at a new life. A wonderful life filled with happiness and love. Will you join us? Contribute towards helping them.

We are grateful for donations of any size. Below each donated sum, you will find an example of how we can help thanks to your contribution. Thank you for your support.
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We take care of handicapped, sick and abused cats and dogs. Cats and dogs whose owners do not want or need them anymore. We give them a chance at a new life – a happy one, full of love, joy, warmth and a full belly. Our motto is “every life matters”. However, we cannot do it without your help. 
Unfortunately, the care that these animals require is not subsidized by the state. This is why we have been able to help more than 500 animals in need only thanks to donations from animal lovers. Join those who are not indifferent to what happens to dogs and cats and support our work. Even the smallest contribution can help us to save more animals in need. 

How Handipet Rescue works and who we take care of? 

Handipet Rescue operates on foster care basis. There are no kennels, we take care of all animals as if they were our own. They share the house with us. After what they have been through, they deserve the best. We give a chance to the most vulnerable ones – those who have been forgotten by other people or are likely to be put down. These animals would not let us humans down if we were in trouble, would they?

We take care of animals with diabetes, those who are paralyzed and need a “wheelchair”, animals who are blind or missing a limb. Even handicapped dogs and cats deserve a chance to fight and find their place under the sun. We do not put them on death row just because they are sick.

Where do they come from? 

Some animals are surrendered by owners who do not want to take care of them anymore or do not know how to do it. We take in animals from puppy mills where they are abused. Some of the animals come from other organizations that do not have the right conditions to take care of sick or handicapped animals.

To us, dogs and cats are not just stocklist items or things. They are our friends, companions and family. Creatures who cannot defend themselves on their own. We think that every life has an immense value and that is why we do the best we can for them.
Thank you for any form of support!

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Hodně štěstí, Dolly.

Šárka Fialová

Jsem moc ráda, že můžu přispět a snažit se tak pomoci těm chlupatým (i nechlupatým) láskám, jelikož tyhle zlatíčka si to zaslouží nejvíce. Děkuji Vám za to, co děláte! A ráda se někdy přijedu určitě na Vás podívat! Mějte se krásně :-)

Markéta Hlinková
CZK 500

Dobry den, dekujeme moc za Baxicka, je to nas milacek. Martinka Vam posilala nejake fotky v pondeli, kdy jsme oslavili druhe adoptovaniny. Dela nam jen radost. Dekujeme za to, co delate. Moc si toho vazime, tezko to nejak vyjadrit slovy.. prejeme vsem vasim pejsku a kocickam, aby se meli minimalne z pulky tak dobre jako nas Baxicek. Dekujeme. Kristyna a Martina a Bax

Kristyna Burdychova
CZK 2,000

Děkuji za to, jak se staráte o zvířátka. Jste úžasní.

Veronika Orendášová