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The first exposure to pornography among men is at age 11 years old, on average. And 79% of young adult men and 76% of women can't help but watch porn at least once a month. We dream about freedom without porn addiction for everybody.

we started on 2020-02-10

Addiction happens in secret but recovery starts within a community.

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Addiction happens in secret but recovery starts within a community. That is why we started to organize recovery groups (Pornoholilcs Anonymous) around the Czech Republic. We need well-trained leaders and the highest quality tailored programs for these self-support groups to deliver so desired freedom from porn. We estimate spending 522 working hours by the end of the year 2020 to train and support group leaders as well as create content for groups.

Last year there were more than 200 people seeking help online from our coaches, and more than 200 students registred for our online courses.

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