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Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography and to help (especially through e-coaching) those who are struggling with addictive behavior connected with watching pornography.

Support of the NePornu Project

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The Project NePornu (no to porn) exists since 2018, whereas since 2020 as a non-profit organization. 

Within the project, we try to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography, mainly through:
  • lectures and seminars
  • prevention programs for schools
  • free online courses 
  • articles and life stories 
Furthermore, we offer help to those who are addicted to porn, especially through:
  • e-coaching
  • local support groups
  • online forum
  • Discord server
We constantly train new e-coaches and leaders of Pornoholics Anonymous, so that we could help even more people. We will be grateful if you decide to support us financially, and thereby join the project. Our main motto is: "Don't fight alone!" 
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Tento projekt má budoucnost v reálné pomoci od největší internetové drogy, která zotročuje miliony lidí.

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Stránka, která má smysl, doporučím všem kteří s daným tématem mají problém.

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