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At this point in time Duhovka is attended by 40 students receiving social scholarships, which have so far only been funded by Mr. and Mrs. Janeček. Thanks to these scholarships Duhovka continues to be diverse and varied. Children whose family background prevents them to pay the full amount of tuition fees are a great asset for Duhovka's healthy and real-world environment. Duhovka has always, from the very beginning, strived to be open and friendly. We aim at increasing the number of students by 10.


"The child is both a hope and promise for mankind." Maria Montessori

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Duhovka Society
In the year 2017, we welcomed a new member into our Duhovka family: Duhovka Society. The purpose of this Society is to support our children, teenagers, teachers and other educators at the schools belonging to the educational system of Duhovka Group, a.s. Duhovka wants to offer children not only a quality Czech-English bilingual education, but also a complex multicultural and socially diverse… simply an inspirational environment. There is a lot of ways to support us – volunteering, offering your expertise and both material and financial donations. We will appreciate your participation in the process of creation and growth of all Duhovka schools.

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