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Via Harmonia

Via Harmonia is a project that supports the vision of peace, co-operation and belonging. In order to be able to live it everyday, we need to create and experience this vision first. The creation and anchoring of this vision in collective consciousness is the mission of at least two events in 2019. The first meeting at the end of March for about 200 people aims to connect the representatives of different groups, learning and ways of spreading wisdom. It is also a preparatory meeting for a major peace event in May 2019. The meeting in May is planned for about 1,200 people to create the Silent Space for 25 hours. Only Silence has the unique power to disconnect us from the "old" and bring it to the "new".

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Via Harmonia is a worldwide interconnection of individuals and groups, in the power of peace, in many places, at the same time.
If we go together, we become the force we need to count on.
We have a unique chance and responsibility, individuals and groups, to be active, conscious co-creators of the transformation of human path.
The willingness to unite is shaped and strengthens the direction of further development of life.
The Via Harmonia project consists of three major meetings at this stage.
Their purpose is to act in a collective mind for the benefit of all of us. The activation, first meeting SILENT MIND IS HEART GATE was already held at the end of November and December 2018 in a group of 90 participants who were 25 hours in the Pacific Tune and this meeting became an impetus for peaceful unification.

25 hours of Silence for the life in Peace

Via Harmonia is a worldwide interconnection of individuals and groups, in the power of peace, in many places of the Planet, at the same time.

The world is in breakthrough time. Can we influence the next path? As?
We know that the mind and power of will are the forces of Life. What we pay attention to, we create.
We realize that peace in the world is primarily based on peace and peace in us.

A variety of peace events are organized across the Earth.
We will join forces in peacekeeping for one day, one turn of the Earth around its axis.
And then an extra hour to complete the interconnection and the next start of energy and the unified forces.

25 hours of silence, together in peace can be more than years of other work.

Imagine the power of a large number of silent, peace-loving groups, interconnecting across the Earth, creating a harmonious network. In the collective information field of mankind, this power far exceeds the possibilities of one, though numerous groups.

That is why we are preparing a peace meeting in one place in Prague, where 25 hours of silence can be tied together with each other and at the same time connected with others.
Prague will join groups around the world at the same time.
Collective tuning creates a strong, energetic field that develops the inner strength of each participant.

What we pay attention to - we give life force, and then we experience it.

When we return to the consciousness of Unity - we must create and live the Unity.
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