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Water is life, it must be managed as a public service and not a source of mining profits

The Endowment fund TRUTH ABOUT WATER disturbs the absurd system: Citizens pay and do not ask how much, who and where your money ends. Endowment fund urges people to pay for water only what they really need. There is a need for that the finance to be used to provide enough water and clean water without plastics, medicines and pesticides and not end up abroad. Endowment fund protects citizens and city waterworks. It requires a correction for politicians. It takes steps to return water management to a public service and to the hands of cities / regions. It calls for the guarantee of the right to water in the Constitution of the Czech Republic and the sovereignty of the Czech Republic in the strategic sector. The commercialization of water should be stopped. The public sector has to manage the water without the influence and practices of bailiffs or concerns whose aim is to get as much money out of the water into their accounts abroad. If we do not fix this, we will not have enough money to pay! Do you agree? Does it makes sense to you, so support us. Our successes and failures can be found HERE:

we started on 2019-01-02

Water is life, and our life, not the life of our children, definitely does not belong to the concern

Support the Endowment fund TRUTH ABOUT WATER and come with us to return the Czech water to the waterworks in the hands of the towns.

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Our goal is to end the commercialization of water in the Czech Republic and return the water management into the hands of cities / regions. We show the way to this goal.

What is needed is the awareness of politicians, the attention of the people and the media to what goes on around the water and the waterworks, as well as the judgments and findings of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, which reveal unfair practices of raiders and "politicians".
The recovery process we are launching in the Czech Republic is already in progress in Germany or France. If this makes sense to you, please support our efforts with a donation.

                                                         Remedy is possible:

Therefore, for the Parliament of the Czech Republic to be remedied, we have prepared a 10 point petition WATER IS LIFE, which has already been signed by over 14,000 citizens:

                                         It is a clear message to the politicians.

It was already enough. The time for redress has come, and we, as well as people from abroad, are demanding that the legislators correct the absurd system in the water supply sector that citizens and towns pay for.

The petition will be handed over to the Committee on Petitions in the Parliament of the Czech Republic and is one of the steps to be taken by the endowment fund TRUTH ABOUT WATER that shows a solution to the water problem in the Czech Republic.

Others include awareness raising, legal action, and people's knowledge of what is happening and who is responsible for it. Your support helps us:

1) To bring people and politicians to "water", for example, to obtain thousands of signatures under a petition.
2) To prove how unpunished and unlawful the water management was brought to the hands of traffickers and then to the companies.
3) Show that remedy is possible through courts, civic activity, and legislation.

Does it makes sense to you? Then inspire yourself or support that what we are doing, because it will not fix itself.

Support this project even more and ask your friends to help Create campaign

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