Iglou, z.s.

Humanitarian Aid Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Iglou - Emergency shelters for homeless people who sleep rough in the winter

Iglou is an emergency shelter for those who sleep outside even during freezing periods. With your support, we produce and provide our Iglous to the charitative organizations who work with homeless people and define who needs it the most.

Iglou - The emergency shelter which warms homeless people during winter

You can provide homeless people who sleep rough with some warmth for the winter. With your donation, you help us to produce and donate Iglous to charitative organizations who supply it to the ones in most accute needs.
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at pomuze pro dobrou vec

hector hefaistos
CZK 200

Krasny projekt, dufam ze budete mat dost podporovatelov.


Dobrá věc!

Anna Mužíková
CZK 200

Skvělý nápad! Děkuji! Yveta

Yveta Sanderova
CZK 1,000

Dobrý nápad!

Jan Brandejs
CZK 200