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Experience romanticism with the Musica Florea and become part of the project: 4th symphony of A. Dvorak with original instruments and traditional interpretation. Let us discover the sound that has been forgotten. Let us enliven the true legacy of Dvorak.

we started on 2018-11-18
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Why do we need your help?

The new CD was recorded live during our concert on 31st October 2018 at the church of St. Simon and Jude, Prague. We performed the complete 4th Symphony and the ouverture My home by Antonín Dvořák.

Realisation of the concert was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. But that’s just the beginning of the journey. To complete our goal and release a representative record, we need your financial support. Help us to create this world premiere of authentic recording of Dvořák’s work. Let´s capture the emotions of Dvořák’s music, it’s worth it!

How it all begun?

More than 25 years ago, we fell in love with authentic interpretation of early music. We want the music to sound in a way that might have in the era it was composed in. We want to get closer to the original intent of the composer. So when studying a new piece of music, we do not simply look into the score but we try to kind of look behind the curtain, to understand the circumstances of the creation, the context. That’s why we play on period instruments or copies thereof, study period sources and we try to bring the emotions hidden in the original scores to life and share them with the audience. And we have enormous fun doing it.

What is our goal?

It is very important for us to get back to our roots. Antonín Dvořák is one of the most significant Czech composers and a flagship of our music legacy even in an international context. But our goal is to play Dvořák in a way nobody knows these days. All institutions invented by men, relationships, even friendships need a reform from time to time – vital impulses for its renewal. Otherwise their beauty fades away; they become unbearable and dysfunctional in the end. And it applies to interpretation of music, bar none.


The recording of Dvořák’s 4th Symphony on period instruments and historically informed performance is challenge for us to discover the nature of romantic interpretation of the 19th century. Above all, it’s about searching and finding the truthfulness and originality, based on human nature that also includes mental ability to be creative. Romantic music is full of passion, emotions and colourful. And in the field of reviving its original spirit, Musica Florea belongs to pioneers inland.

We would like to record step by step all Dvořák’s symphonies. We begun with his Seventh and Eight, which you can find on one CD (2009), 2015 we recorded the First, 2016 the Second and last year Dvořák's Ninth. We have set our goal to record one symphony every year and create a complete set. Will you go for it with us?

Who we are?

The Musica Florea ensemble was founded in 1992 by the cellist and conductor Marek Štryncl as one of the first serious initiatives in the field of stylistically-informed performance in the Czech Republic. In their attempt to get as close to the original as possible, the orchestra offers the public experience the true magic of early music.

From baroque to romanticism, our work stems from love to music and the serious research alike: the indispensible foundation of the ensemble’s work and the guarantee of its reputation lie in playing on original instruments or copies thereof, undertaking historical research based on studies of period sources and aesthetics. We revive forgotten performing styles and methods.

The repertoire of Musica Florea and Collegium Floreum choir includes chamber music as well as orchestral concertos, and monumental works in the genres of symphonic music, opera, and oratorio. In cooperation with Hartig Ensemble – Dances and Ballets of Three Centuries, we managed to stage various period operas and ballets. In 2014, we have founded Florea Theatrum, mobile baroque theatre that allows us to perform almost everywhere.

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