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Rinjani English Course

Rinjani English Course is an English course for people between 17-22 years of age. The course prepares the secondary school graduates for the career in tourism. 90% of the course participants manages to get a job in tourism. Your contribution will be used for operation of the school.

we started on 2018-10-06
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We are supporting the Rinjani English Course project in order to promote higher self-sufficiency of young Lombok people and Lombok itself. Lombok is neighbouring island of turisticly highly visited Bali. Compared to Bali, it is much poorer and predominantly agricultural. It is a place of rather peripheral interest in whole Indonesia. Turism is a promising area of employment at Lombok and it gives young people the needed vision of future and most importantly the ability to make ones livining.

We‘re aware, that tourism is changing the character of each country. Bali is one example of a country, where the mass tourism changed the its unique local character into more unified western form. Even though the change is ringing also benefits, the nagative features dominate. If the local people are more educated and more capable to comunicate, the chances of preserving the beautiy and uniqueness of their country are higher. And this is one of the reasons why we are supporting this project.

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