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To contribute and help a concrete pupil to get a school alimentation, simply choose an amount to the transparent bank account of the project LUNCHES FOR KIDS / OBĚDY PRO DĚTI. All donations are in 100% used for the purpose of the project, i.e. funding lunches for children. To give you an idea, one school lunch costs about 25 CZK – approx. 1 EURO. The monthly costs of lunches for one pupil amount to approximately 500 CZK, which adds up to about 5 000 CZK over the whole school-year. We support children on the basis of special partnerships with the schools.

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Help children to afford school lunches in school canteens


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LUNCHES FOR KIDS / OBĚDY PRO DĚTI goal is to help children who, due to their parents’ situation, cannot afford to pay for their lunches in school canteens. We support children whose situation is long-term, have no prospect of improvement, and for whom a lunch in a school canteen is often the only regular warm meal, in spite of their parents’ effort to improve their situation. 

We work in partnership with elementary schools, and sometimes canteens, which are independent semi-budgetary organisations. On principle, we never provide direct financial support to the children’s families. 

Assistance is administered through elementary schools on a donation agreement basis so that lunches reach the children in need without complicating their parents’ situation, and the assistance cannot be abused. 

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