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Perpedes Grant Program

Help us continue our Perpedes grant program. We support individuals and initiatives who with the power of art inspire, educate and make their community environment healthier and more resistant. Make a gift today. Any amount is transformative.

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The Perpedes Grant Program aims to foster a closer connection between artistic and cultural activities, and the daily lives of various social strata and communities, on both the local and regional scale. The program focuses on strengthening smaller individual and civic initiatives which intersect or interact with interdisciplinary cooperation, and which address themes pertaining to social and environmental networks working within the framework of contemporary art.

The foundation’s main areas of focus are:

  • community and self-organized initiatives
  • platforms for continuous knowledge sharing of ideas
  • alternative learning and public participatory models
  • transnational network development
  • autonomous grassroots initiatives
  • social and environmental justice
Find out more. Here is a list of our most recent Perpedes Grant recipients.

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