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Let’s save wild animals from circuses!

In some Czech circuses, wild animals are still kept for entertainment and for profit, all that to satisfy human vanity. In the Czech Republic, the use of some newly born wild animal species has been banned. The time has come now to stop using all wild animals species, such as elephants, tigers, bears etc. Help us reach this goal!


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We don’t want wild animals in circuses! Why?

●     Animals are not objects, they are feeling beings. Using them purely for entertainment is unethical and has no place in a 21st century society!
●     Wild animals shouldn’t live in captivity, and their breeding should be very well justified – but human entertainment and vanity are definitely not a reason. 
●     In circuses, animals live in poor conditions which cannot be changed, they are stressed by repeated transports and must undergo senseless and sometimes cruel training.
●     Circuses with animals have no instructive or educational purpose. On the contrary – they deform the view of the visitors (mainly children) of the relationship of humans to animals and their needs.

Together, we can make another change happen!

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