Peer to peer campaigns: Spread the good with us!

Celebrate, run, share! Start a campaign and let your beloved ones, friends and colleagues know. Get a valuable support for "your" NGO.

How does it work?


My name is Radka and for a long time now, I have been symphatizing with one foundation. When I let my friends persuade me to run an off-road obstacle race, I decided to support my favourite NGO and launched a campaign for them. My friends liked the idea and yet before the race started, I had raised CZK 10,000. This gave me the determination I needed to finish the race, as I had to overcome a few very tough moments. I'm happy that I could have contributed in this way and that the good spreads on also thanks to my friends!

Join us! It is simple, fun and it takes just a few clicks...

Why peer 2 peer campaigns?


    Peer to peer campaigns are based on a so-called method of peer 2 peer fundraising that is a common method of giving in the Western world these days. Yet this fundraising method is gradually becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic. Every day around the world, thousands of people celebrate or run for a good cause, and thanks to, the Czech Republic may be no exception.


    The online giving solution of is used by Czech NGOs for obtaining financial support from individual donors - ordinary people and businesses - for the topics they work for. Peer to peer campaigns are another option how to support NGOs. They may be a different, yet still somewhat unconventional way in the Czech Republic that helps spreading the good beyond.


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    Giving to NGOs is always subject to valid Terms of Use which every organization must comply with.

    If you need more information about, how it works and what it is inteded for, click here.


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