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In the past two decades (since 2000), PAF has evolved into a label comprising an international network of artists, curators and events. The initial frameworks of the platform have been relations between contemporary art, sound and music as well as moving image in general. Along with the development of art in the past two decades, PAF has expanded its focus, embodying phenomena aligned with virtual space, performative art, game design and fashion. PAF programming establishes novel links between different or contradictory artistic expressions. The main activities of PAF include editorial and publishing activities within the editorial series PAF Edition, the presentation of Czech audio-visual art, the preparation of curated exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops and seminars, as well as the year-round curatorial and dramaturgical work which culminates in the series of recurring festivals and events in the Czech Republic and abroad. PAF has followed the contemporary production of international art projects and moving images and has dealt with issues relating to their archiving, distribution and presentation in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Current projects