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Adato Paradigma, z.ú.

Regional and Community Development Philanthropy and Volunteering invites more kindness and generosity into the world by providing a platform for giving and receiving in daily life. is an online gifting market-space (Gift Exchange) and generosity based social network built on the principals of the gift economy. It is free of advertising and free to use, letting people focus simply on the experience of sharing. It enables participants to exchange services and products only as gifts. There is no currency within the system. People find what they need on by offering a gift or requesting one. Gifts are not only physical things, but can be skills, knowledge, and information as well. User ratings and transparent track records of each participant ensure the distribution of services and goods through the system based on trust and transparency. is celebrating the innate potency of human generosity, weaving a web of kindness that connects people as one human family sharing the warmth of an open heart.

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