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Culture, Art and History Help for Ukraine

Support the Kiev Circus School in Prague

In response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, we decided to help students of the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts. More than 30 students, educators and their families are with us or on their way to us right now. We provide them with a roof over their heads, meals and administrative assistance, and above all we provide them with space for realization in what is close to their hearts - in circus art. Students have already joined Cirk La Putyka, rehearsing with Rosťa Novák and our Young Blood crew. They have lessons in motion theatre, acrobatics, dance, but also in Czech and English. We provide them with workshops with experts from the Czech Republic and abroad. We will be very happy for your help to manage to fund these activities for as long as necessary. Thank you for your support.

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