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Greetings, let me be direct – this weird year has already had many casualties of all sorts and IF WE DON’T ACT RIGHT NOW, OUR BELOVED CULTURAL SPOT IN PRAGUE - THE CROSS CLUB – MIGHT SOON BECOME ONE OF THEM !!! With all the current restrictions taking place, there’s a real possibility that 20 years of hard work and efforts might become history, and so would our daily heaps of music, culture and entertainment of different kinds, cinema, theatre, education and inspiration, workshops, magical meetings, new life experiences, great food and drinks, laughs and chill, all under one roof (and terrace and garden). No wonder that some time ago this venue was voted one of 10 best venues in the whole wide world... You know why? Because it’s family! It’s a second home! Not only for me, but also for thousands of people I’ve met on my life walks. One day, when we wake up from this strange collective nightmare, we all hope to return to many activities, little joys and places that we’ve loved for years. Can you imagine that?? The world with no Cross club ? I simply CAN’T AND I REFUSE TO! NOT FOR COVID! Please, please, this is an appeal to each and every artist who has performed in this beautiful place in the past or would like to in the future, to every promoter who has put up nights there, to all people who simply admire various forms of art and like to socialize in a free zone open to everybody... An appeal to all who just love the Cross Club as much as I do and want us all to be able to meet there in the future again: let’s put our efforts together and help the Cross Club make it through these couple of uncertain winter months!! Before the sun shines upon us again and they can open the gates in all their beauty! It may sound like a cliche, but I strongly believe we can make this together!

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