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Save Turtle

We protect sea turtles, beautiful creatures that have lived on Earth for more than 110 million years. Today, they are threatened with extinction. Their population has declined by more than 90% in some places over the last 70 years. Locals steal turtle eggs from beaches and sell them to tourist restaurants, ripping their shells off alive to make souvenirs. With the local organisation Sehabat penyu Loang, we protect several beaches on Lembata Island in Indonesia. These beaches are a major breeding ground for the critically endangered Hawksbill sea turtle, as well as the Olive ridley sea turtle and the green sea turtle. In 2022, a project to improve sea turtle conservation also began in Sri Lanka. We lead and fund the conservation work. We guard the beaches from poachers, transfer the eggs to a protected part of the beach, release the turtles into the sea as soon as they hatch, and teach locals to make souvenirs from alternative materials such as coconut. We teach children about turtles, about nature and also English. The educational materials we have created are used worldwide. As consultants, we also help in other parts of the world. In the Czech Republic, we are trying to raise public awareness about the situation of sea turtles, the causes of the threats to these rare reptiles and the ways we can help them.

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